Thursday, July 3, 2008

clique release date

i have checked wikipeadia and another link which name i forget that has pictures and movie information is in my links area. Anyways the clique movie is to be released on dvd on november 11th 2008. I also found out some other novel favorites are becoming movies or tv shows like the a list, pretty little liars, aupairs, and how to teach a filthy rich girl or privliged. Lisi also updated her blog you can click here for it or read it here:

I’b so sorry for da late Blah-g ad for da duffed up text but I ab so sick its naht eben funny. I hab the worst cold and I can’t breathe ad I’b so bored. I read this week’s US Weekly twice already (BTW- so sad about Madonna ad Guy). Ad derz duh-thing on TV. All the good shows are gone ad I’b not finding any good replacements except I bust (lol) admit I’b kind-ah inta Legally Blond: The Search For Da Dext Elle Woods but dah’ts it (Sniff. Cough. Ugh.) I promise I’ll have a good Blah-g next week. I’m hoping to interview the movie Alicia and the movie Kristen. Also a certain TV crew is cobing to Laguna to shoot an interview with be dext Tuesday. If it actually happens I’ll spill about that too. Just please try to forgive me for this week’s lame entry. I’ll bake it up to you. Pinky Swear. Happy Fourth!! (sniff).
TTYW, Dici

BTW- hab you seed da boovie trailer yet? It’s on MYSpace ad Luv it times 10! ad I luv luv luv hearing the boovie trailer guy say by dame.

you can view the video here

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