Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Big shoutouts today to Lindsey and Sunkissedchicka…you weren’t the only ones who guessed the next Clique book title: These Boots Are Made For Stalking. But your comments were the first two I read. So yayyyyy for you. How did you guys guess that? I may start writing these blah-gs using the first letter of each word instead of writing the whole thing. It will be a huge time saver for me and I have no doubt you girls will know exactly what I’m talking about. :)

Another reason I want to shout-out to Sunkissedchicka is because her screen name makes me want to be all tanned and crispy. I love the buzz of the sun on my skin and I am really starting to crave the summer. That said, I don’t want to look like a vintage leather tote so I’m not going to bake on the beach anymore. Those days are over. So what’s a pasty girl to do?
Sunday afternoon I bought some spray tanner from CVS and hosed myself down. The smell of that stuff alone gave me an instant lift (it’s come a long way and no longer reeks of graham crackers and chlorine). Like a Polaroid, I was slowly starting to develop over the course of the day. The browner I got the more confident I became. I had found my genie in a bottle. Summer 2009…here I come.
At bedtime I stripped down to admire my caramel coating. And then I screamed. My genie wasn’t a genie. She was an abstract graffiti artist. And she tagged me.
I was striped, spotted, and had brown drip marks all over my ca-ankles. I would love to show you a full body shot of the damage but it’s not that kind of Blah-g. So here is the G-rated version
My wrists…

My ankle
My heel
I mean seriously. I hope all of my new Facebook friends don’t un-friend me now that they know what an LBR I am. I’m off to buy lemons. I heard those works wonders. I hope it’s true. TTYW,Lisi

(im proud to say I guessed right)

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